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We are the 50th Chicano Moratorium Organizing Committee - a joint effort of various individuals, organizations, and supporters. We are bringing the history and legacy of both the times and the response by the greater Chicano/Raza to our conditions leading up to and including August 29, 1970. Presently we are continuing the fight for peace and liberation -  educating about this iconic event, with the understanding we will move beyond the limitations of the past. The following are points of unity which we have drafted together, must be accepted and embodied while organizing, and leading the 50th commemoration of the Chicano Moratorium.

Our Principles:


This committee will move forward together, respect the decisions we make together. Learning from the past we resolve to unite with: women, African Americans, indigenous/Natives, Asians, LGBTQ, the youth, our elders, veterans, labor unions, refugees, immigrants, migrants, the disabled, and all other oppressed peoples


We will correctly use the original demands of the first moratoriums, and expand our demands based on currents ones. These demands include: self-determination; the liberation of women; ending Chicano military drafting into wars like Vietnam; pro-peace; stopping U.S. military intervention; cutting the military budget, ending racism; ending police killings/crimes; proper access to bilingual and quality public education; good jobs; equality for all; access to health care; benefits for veterans and the elderly; housing; political representation; legalization for all; fair and humane immigration;  environmental justice (Exide); supporting the New Green Deal, solidarity with all oppressed nations of the world; stopping Trump’s administration/policies, ending white supremacy, privatization of public, and social services


Women are leading and contributing in this committee, and breaking from norms of patriarchy. Women are contributing and are part of the leadership.


The report of all money used for any event will be accessible to the entire committee. Additionally, the task of money and logistics will operate through the budget/finance/fundraising committee. All expenses must have pre-approval by the committee. Reimbursements given upon proof of receipt by the committee. The finance.fundraising committee is responsible for preparing the budget, for full committee review, and approval. The budget finance/fundraising committee is authorized to make expenditures of a petty cash nature and to not exceed $300.


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