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Listed below are a selection of books that we believe provide helpful knowledge associated to the Chicano Moratorium, The Chicano Movement and Latino American History.  We hope that these books can serve as a valuable source of information that we can pass on to our students and to our community:

  • Aztlan: Essay on The Chicano Homeland, edited by Rudolfo Anaya, Francisco A. Lomeli & Enrique R. Lamadrid

  • Viva La Raza: A History Of Chicano Identity & Resistance, by Yolanda Alaniz & Megan Cornish

  • Blowout!: Sal Castro & The Chicano Struggle For Educational Justice, by Mario T. Garcia & Sal Castro

  • Being Brown: Sonia Sotomayor And The Latino Question, by Lazaro Lima

  • Latino Mass Mobilization: Immigration, Radicalization & Activism, by Chris Zepeda-Milan

  • Latina/o Studies, by Ronald L. Mize

  • Chicano Communists And The Struggle For Social Justice, by Enrique M. Buelna

  • Chicanos In a Changing Society: From Mexican Pueblos To American Barrios In Santa Barbra And Souther California by Albert Camarillo

  • Harvest Of Empire: A History Of Latinos In America by Juan Gonzalez

  • Brown: The Last Discovery Of America by Richard Rodriguez

  • Cesar Chavez: An Organizers Tale: Speeches

  • Anything But Mexican: Chicanos In Contemporary Los Angeles by Rodolfo Acuna

  • Radicals In The Barrio: Magonistas, Socialists, Wobblies And Communists In The Mexican American Working Class by Justin Akers Chacon

  • Growing Up Chicana/o: An Anthology by Tiffany Ana Lopez

  • Open Veins Of Latin America: Five Centuries Of The Pillage Of A Continet by Eduardo Galeano

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